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Memorial created 04-11-2006 by
Lisa Cable
Kevin Christopher Cable
June 12 1987 - August 8 2005

This online memorial was created so the world can know what they are missing out on in life by the loss of Kevin Cable. We will remember Kevin forever. 




Kevin had written on his bedroom wall really big..........

"The worlds greatest weapon is hope, never give up hope".

It is really sad that he gave up hope because of others being so cruel.

Kevin left this world on Monday, August 8th, 2005. This site is intended to share him with the world. We want everyone to know Kevin Cable. We do not want him forgotten, we want his legacy to live on. Please take time to read about this child who had a pure heart. The day he died a big part of us died. Our lives will never be the same again.

Chris, Lisa, Brian, Danny, David, Christina



Kevin came into this world a month late weighing 10lbs 9oz and was 22"long. He left this world way too early after only 18 years, 1 month and 25 days and growing to 6'5, 230 lbs.

There was something special about him from the moment he was born.

We had no name picked out. His dad held him as soon as he was born, looked him in the face and said, "Kevin". Not a name we had even thought of or even considered. The name Kevin means gentle, kind, handsome. His name fit him so well. He was all 3 and so much more.

He had intelligence that captivated everyone.  He was such a deep thinker, he would give such a twist to anything to make others think at levels they did not normally think at.

Several people have said they are sure he is talking to God and has Him perplexed and stumped!  He was always there to help others no matter what walk of life they were from or what click they belonged to. If he was down to his last dollar and you wanted it, he would give it to you and not expect anything in return. Kevin had a deep love for music and movies. He always seen the deeper meaning in them. Kevin had nicknamed himself KB - Kind Bud. It is engraved in his headstone

;Kevin had just graduated high school in May, 2005. We were all so proud of him. He had SO much to offer the world, he just didn't realize it. Kevin would sing this song you hear playing now, Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls We knew Kevin was a very hurt person. He had been done wrong and it never left his heart.

We knew Kevin more than he realized. I wish the whole world could know you Kevin. It is my goal here to share you with the world.



Kevin was 11 years old, in the 6th grade when his troubles really started.                             It was the year of "Columbine". On the following friday after the Columbine incident, I received a phone call from the principal of Kevin's school. I was informed that my child, my 11 year old son, had been taken away in hand cuffs to the Cass County Sheriffs Department. " He was a threat" I was told.                                                                                         We reached Kevin, the officers referred to him as " the Littleton Kid". Words in the police report. A Sunday school teacher had asked her class of children if they knew of anyone quiet who could be like those boys at Columbine who had done the shooting. One little girl said Kevin Cable. That sunday school teacher went to the school on Monday and told the principal that he was a danger, kids were afraid of him. Friday he was taken away in the handcuffs

When we got to Kevin, he was crying, scared, not knowing what was going on. He said, "now I know why that girl said to me, hahaha, I got you in trouble in the front office". Kevin was always being picked on in school. After being labeled the rest of his school life, the high school principal told him to just drop out of school. He did not want that, we enrolled him into Ombudsman, the alternative school. He tutored others to help them graduate. My son took so much verbal and physical abuse through the years.



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